Z for Zoology – #atozchallenge

Furioso dragon-13-

There’s one thing I love about fantasy as much as I love actually writing fantasy.


It’s addicting.  Writers have the power to create anything.

It’s one thing to create a world, cultures, plants, foods . . .

There’s something about creating the animal kingdom of a fantasy world that engages my mind.

Okay, I admit it, I am a tree-hugger at heart.  But seriously, how many conservative Christian tree-huggers can you say you know?  I bet I’m the only one!

But back on topic.  Dictionary.com says zoology is:

The science or branch of biology dealing with animals.

You have to know a few things about ecosystems if you want your fantasy worlds, with the animals and whatever type of life inhabits the world, to be cohesive.

I’ve had such fun creating creatures in my made-up world of Gyti.

I have everything from something that looks kind of like a flying ostrich with fangs, to a riding steed that looks like a cross between a wrinkly llama and a hairless goat (though it’s about the size of a horse), to blood-sucking rodents.

No, not vampire bats.  Actual mice-like blood-sucking rodents.

But they each have their purpose in the world.

What are some amazing creatures you’ve dreamed up for your fantasy worlds?