It’s time for #writemotivation again!

April is OVER!

Where did it go?

It went to the A-Z Challenge, which I managed to complete.  Sadly, I did not manage to keep visiting new blogs each day of the challenge.  Some things happened – mostly good things!

Before I go into all of that, though, I’m going to wrap up my April Goals.  May is also an official #WriteMotivation goal-check month, so I’ve got new goals to announce!  But first, April.

April 2012 Goals:

1. Complete first draft of Undoing.
Did not happen. But I did start it!

2. Finish All Hallows Eve contest critiques and get them emailed to everyone.
Hurrah! One down!

3.  Finish short story for entry in the Ozark Creative Writers contest and the Nimrod Literary Awards.
Another down!

4. Finish read-through of Weeping Willow.

*sigh* nope. I started working on the read-through, but didn’t make much progress.

5. Get a significant amount of May’s blog posts pre-written & start planning some for June.
Also nope.

April took some very unexpected turns in life, so I’m pleased with what I accomplished.  I wish I’d gotten a bit more done, but I don’t feel bad about it.

Now, on to May!

May 2012 #WriteMotivation Goals:

1. Complete first draft of Undoing.
I’m hoping to pitch this in October at the Ozark Creative Writers conference.  That means by then I need at least be in the second round of edits.  So I NEED to finish this in May. 

2. Finish read-through and start serious edits on Weeping Willow.
This is my back-up to pitch if Undoing doesn’t get finished.  That means I need to get some serious work done on this in May, too. 

3. Revise essay for Ozark contest.
I’m not going to be heart broken if this doesn’t get done.  I’d like to try at least, though. 

4. Write all devotionals through the month of August.
This should take me 2-3 days tops.  I just need to sit down and do it. 

5. Start working on self-pub devotional idea.
I need to get #4 done so I can start working on this 😀

I’ve also got my one-year blogversary coming up on May 20th (that I have to figure out something absolutely AWESOME for)!  And I have a super-top-secret project I’m working on that I’m going to debut in June.

Now, the big news!

We’re buying a house! 😀