Story Weavers 2012 – Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc Conference

Last weekend, I went to a writing conference. It was fabulous.

I met many amazing people. Like KT Hanna (#writemotivation goddess extraordinaire), Heather Cashman, Seti, Natasha Hanova, Sabrina Fish . . . all very lovely people!

We briefly rubbed shoulders with Melissa Frain (a Tor editor – and come on, isn’t it every fantasy writer’s dream to be with Tor at some point?!) & Steven James, a Writer’s Digest editor and he writes as crazy-diverse things as I do (IE: prayer books, YA fantasy, and adult thrillers).

(left to right) Michelle Pierce, KT Hanna, Steven James, Jessica Jones, Heather Cashman, Rebekah Loper

There’s even photographic proof! Don’t ask me why I squinted, I don’t know. I blame the exhaustion.

As sad as I was that I didn’t have anything ready to pitch this time around, several friends (some of them pictured) had wonderfully successful pitches, and I wish you all well!

By far, my favorite workshops from the conference were Stephen Fraser’s “Creating an Effective Elevator Pitch”, Melissa Frain’s “Genre Fiction”, and Steven James’ “How to Create Three-dimensional Characters”.

A snippet of the helpful advice I took away from each one:

Find an unforgettable catch phrase . . . give a snapshot of your book. ~ Steven Fraser

When you think “I have to get this out of the way”, rethink why you’re writing it. ~ Melissa Frain

Tension is the heart of the story; unmet desires are the heart of tension.  A story needs to be “tension driven” rather than plot or character driven. ~ Steven James