#writemotivation update & revisions

May is not turning out how I expected at all.  Some is good, some is bad, all of it is exhausting.

So, once again, I am revising my May #WriteMotivation goals.

At the beginning of the month, they were:

1. Complete first draft of Undoing.

2. Finish read-through and start serious edits on Weeping Willow.

3. Revise essay for Ozark contest.

4. Write all devotionals through the month of August.

5. Start working on self-pub devotional idea.

Revised goals are now:

1. Finish read-through, write query letter, seriously think about changing the title, and start serious edits for Weeping Willow.  This is now priority #1 because of THIS.

2. Write 500 words per day on Undoing for the rest of the month.  Undoing is now going to be my June Camp NaNoWriMo project.

3. Write all devotionals through the month of August.

I think I can maybe accomplish these in the last half of May!  I hope!  I’ve already got my June goals listing off in my head . . .