#writemotivation – May is . . . interesting. (and another title poll . . .)

So . . . yeah. I have totally failed at everything I’ve tried to do this week so far – except my insurance licensing exam!  I must have test anxiety or something, I always freak out before a test and start studying furiously.  I had to get a 70% to pass . . . I think I ended up with a 90% (and there were more questions on the test than they said there were going to be *eyes the state suspiciously*).

Because I was furiously studying, I did not get my three posts up for the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy blog tour this week, but oh well.  There’s always next month.

I have made some progress on goals this week, though . . . and all I can say is thank God there’s a holiday weekend coming up, and hubby and I are both off work for Memorial day! I plan to WRITE this weekend.

Revised goals are now:

1. Finish read-through, write query letter, seriously think about changing the title, and start serious edits for Weeping Willow.  This is now priority #1 because of THIS.

So I finally finished my read-through – I’m going to cut out a lot and change a major plot point, but the good news is that I know exactly what I want to do with it now. I may have very cramped hands by the end of the weekend, though.

The query letter is in first/second draft stage.  It will get finished today/tomorrow morning.

Also, one final title poll!


2. Write 500 words per day on Undoing for the rest of the month.  Undoing is now going to be my June Camp NaNoWriMo project.

This totally has not happened yet.  This weekend, hopefully.

3. Write all devotionals through the month of August.

Once again, this weekend.

I hope everyone else is accomplishing much more than I am!