#WriteMotivation update – and Memorial Day

Alrighty, let’s just quickly go over my #writemotivation goals . . .

1. Finish read-through, write query letter, seriously think about changing the title, and start serious edits for Weeping Willow.

The edits are in progress! Also, Weeping Willow will now be referred to as “Blood of Trees”.

2. Write 500 words per day on Undoing for the rest of the month.  Undoing is now going to be my JuneCamp NaNoWriMo project.

Totally not happening – but Undoing will still be my Camp NaNo project.

3. Write all devotionals through the month of August.

I’ve written . . . one. Not even for August. It’s next week’s devotional.  So I’ll make some progress on this, but not as much as I hoped.


For those of you not in the United States, today is Memorial Day.

I’m always very aware of Memorial Day, for a few reasons.

My birthday is May 30th, so half of the time it actually falls on Memorial Day. Talk about a difficult birthday arrangement – I usually don’t do parties because everyone is already out of town with their own families!

But I also have family members and friends who serve in the military.

I have friends who have lost people because they were protecting our freedom.

So this is for my grandpa, Harold McClees – a World War 2 veteran.

For my best friend’s brother – a Marine who finally got to come home for a visit back in March, for the first time in two years.

For my husband’s grandfather, Leslie Loper – also a World War 2 veteran, murdered about fifteen years ago.

We remember.  We will never forget.

Thank you for keeping us free.

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day (Photo credit: davidyuweb)