We interrupt this silence with an announcement . . .

That I’m going on temporary hiatus.

There are a few things that will continue – my Sunday devotionals, an occasional goal update (there is no update on goals currently, because I haven’t done anything other than the “attempt to move while staying sane” one), and my SUPER TOP SECRET PROJECT.

Which is still SUPER TOP SECRET, teehee.

There’s at least one book review that’s already scheduled to go up, I think next week, so there will be that as well.

In the meantime, if you think of me, I’m doing minor remodeling and moving into a house. Β The goal is to be back on the blog by the end of June.

And btw, that’s our new house in the photo.


(the only reason it’s been posted is because they never put the house numbers back on the house after putting siding on it, so good luck finding it if you don’t know me :P)