Updates on Life and #writemotivation

Hi everyone! I’m running a little behind on everything lately, still settling in at the house, and still trying to find my camera cord to upload pictures, and figuring out what the routine is.  We have a lawn to mow now, but so much of that is dependent on the temperature, which has been steadily rising since the last week of June.

I have so many blogs to catch up on, and I haven’t even managed to make it around to all the #writemotivation people yet this month!  Despite that, though, KT Hanna and I have a little project up our sleeves that we’re working on, and hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun when the time comes :D.

So, update on #writemotivation goals:

1. Get devotional book drafted, start polishing.
This is in progress! Haven’t made as much progress as I wanted to, but it’s still progress, nonetheless.  The hardest part is going to be making sure all the scriptures are my own paraphrase and/or in King James.

2. Work on Blood of Trees, to be ready to pitch in October.
Haha, haven’t even started this yet.

3. Write at least 500 words a day on Undoing.
HAH. Hahahahaha. There’s hope still . . . we have a write-in this Saturday.

I hope you all are having much better progress than me!