Updates once more . . . #writemotivation, #writemehealthy

Well, it seems the only things I’m able to handle right now are my weekly updates >_<.  My apologies to everyone who normally reads my Sunday Devotionals, but yesterday was just so . . . strange.  My routine ws completely off-kilter, and before I knew it, it was bedtime.

So, on to #writemotivation goals . . .

1 Get devotional book drafted, start polishing.
Haven’t made it any further than where I was last week, unfortunately.

2. Work on Blood of Trees, to be ready to pitch in October.
um, yeah . . . still haven’t started this one.

3. Write at least 500 words a day on Undoing.
well . . . I’m doing about 300 words week currently, lol, if you average it out.  I wrote 630 words on Saturday.


Now, for my own #writemehealthy goals:


1. To help my grandmother get a good back-up supply of the foods she needs to stay healthy (she’s on a pretty strict diet), since grandpa is proving unreliable in keeping up with it.
Working on this one, the next phase is to just take the initiative to call Grandma before I go grocery shopping and see what she needs.


1. To get at least one massage before the end of this round.

2. To read at least one book about time management.


1. Get in the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day (again).  I was very good about this, until a couple of months ago.
Yeah, working on this, but not succeeding yet.

2. Do a full body cleanse at some point in this experience.

3. Get in the habit of working out at least twice a week.
I’ve decided that mowing the lawn counts toward this.