Stars for the Dead – Camp NaNo 2012 Aug 1 recap


For those of you were around in November, I kept track of my daily progress on my novel during NaNoWriMo.

The intention is that I will be putting all of this into a scrapbook, since this is the most documented story I have worked on so far.

So, when I decided to pick up where I left off of Stars for the Dead for the second session of Camp NaNo this year, I realized that I should continue my documentation!

You know, just for fun . . . so I can have a nice, huge scrapbook that portrays the journey of what will probably be the longest story I ever write.


So this month will consist of documentation.

And posting the half-a-bazillion book reviews that I’ve promised people.

Camp NaNo Day 1

Word Goal: 1,613/50,000

Actual word count: 896

What happened for the day:

It was errand day, and church night, so I expected to not get my 1,600 words in, and probably won’t until the weekend.

Short Excerpt:

The Nine watched as Coxilxi left the room, then turned to each other. There was no need for them to speak aloud anymore, and only an astute observer would notice how quickly their eyes flickered between each other.

He is dangerous.

He is foolish.

How are we losing another, so soon?

The Goddess is angry . . . her thoughts are overwhelming.

One week . . . then everything will be settled.

At least, this time, it’s not the Crown Prince . . .

No, he’s only our next successor . . .

Wordle (click for full-size image):