Stars for the Dead – Camp NaNo recap Days 3-12

Yeah, really not doing so well this month with consistency.

Day 3 – I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember why I didn’t write this day.

Day 4 – Did things with friends instead of writing.

Day 5 – hm, it was Sunday.  There was probably family drama.

Day 6 – I got laid off. Tried to write, but couldn’t really concentrate.

Day 7 – 

Word Goal: 11,290/50,000

Actual Word Count: 1,216 (319 words for the day)

What Happened for the Day: I’m pretty sure this is the (first) day my family fell apart for the week.  It’s one day I still wrote, though.

Short Excerpt (unedited, of course):

The goddess invaded them again – she rarely did so this soon after doing it once, but Coxilxi had defied her. They had failed her.
The Nine gasped as her cold, dark presence took them over and screamed into their minds.
He was the key to all our plans! We needed his knowledge, his strategy.
“Mistress . . .” The Nine spoke as one, their voices twisted with pain, “What were we supposed to do?”
Talxz fled their minds abruptly, and each one fell to their knees as invisible claws were dragged along their souls.

Day 8 – hm, yeah, no writing.

Day 9 – no writing once again.

Day 10 – I think I thought about writing.

Day 11 – I hung out with writers, my good ol’ #writemotivation group had a small get-together because half of us are evidently located in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Day 12 – Sunday’s are hard to squeeze in writing time.  Obviously, none got accomplished.