Life, Urban Farming, and Writing . . .

Well, this is my first Sunday post in . . . a while.  What’s been going on in my life?

A little bit of everything.

Mark Lowry, a Christian comedian, has a wonderful talk that pretty much sums up how I feel right now (the entire video is good, but if you want to skip to the really relevant part, it’s at 5 1/2 minutes in):

Life is definitely going up and down for me right now.  Things are hard on the family front (fyi: when I say “family”, I mean my immediate relations, not my hubby), and I don’t know what’s going to happen with Christmas this year.  My dad (and I use this in the loosest sense possible – I’m really tempted to just start calling him the sperm donor [SD]) is setting up to go on permanent disability, but because of a long set of circumstances, my family is looking at three months with no income before SD can claim his long-term disability benefits.

Hubby and I are currently not in a position to help them financially, unfortunately, and I’m worried for them.  I know it will be okay, but the only thing I keep thinking is “How long? How much more do we have to endure?”

So, my goal this year is to not spend much, if any, money on Christmas.  I’ll buy for Hubby, but only one or two things, and make everything else.  God knows I’ve got enough craft stuff lying around . . .

On the writing front . . .

Things are okay.  I’m making progress according to LadyJai’s definition (I figured you wouldn’t mind me stealing your picture, dear!):

But I’ve not been making progress on a daily basis.  At this point, it’s better for me to measure my progress on a weekly basis.  It’s also better than I’ve been doing for months.

Along those lines, I’ve started writing fan fiction (again).  Writing fan fic is actually how I started writing, beyond the little stories my sister and I dabbled in when we were young.

So in a way, I’m attempting to retrace my steps.  I’ve forgotten how to just sit down and write, let alone making it all up as I go along.  Fan fic helps me remember what the actual writing is like, and when I can do that, then I’ll finally be able to get the words in my head out the way they need to be for my own stories.

And it’s working, because I’ve actually been making progress on Stars for the Dead again since I picked up the fan fic.  I really need to start getting a daily turn-out, though, because NaNo is coming!

I think I’ve almost come to terms with the fat that I need to cancel my pitch appointment at the Ozark Creative Writer’s Conference next month, though.  I made the appointment back in April, when I didn’t know that all hell was about to break loose (more like chew me up, swallow me, vomit me and swallow me again) in my personal life. It’s just a matter of sending the email.  I just don’t have anything ready to pitch at this point, and I don’t want to kill myself these next couple weeks trying.  I’ll just do everything I can to have something ready to pitch at OWFI next year.

In my non-writing and non-family life, things are going okay.  I’m starting to identify myself as an urban farmer, and am planning how I want my yard and garden to shape up.  I want to turn the front yard into a mini-orchard, and the back yard into an edible-landscape-oasis (with a portion set aside for a regular veggie garden, of course).  It’s going to take years to turn out how I want it, but it’ll happen.  In time.

And along those lines . . . I’m getting chickens this week!  Through a bizarre set of circumstances yesterday and being in the right place at the right time, I’m actually being given 6 Rhode Island Reds (well, technically one of them is white, but that one might end up in the stew pot . . .), as well as the required coop, enclosure, and feed.  There are four hens, one rooster, and one “not sure which yet” (the white one).

The hens look like this.

 Talk about God’s provision!  I had actually just been talking to my girls (Michelle, Lissa, Jess, Serena, and Eris) that morning about wanting chickens but not being able to get them until spring because of the finances.  So, yeah . . .

Hopefully I’ll have chicken pictures for you all next weekend! Can’t wait!

How’s your life going? Hopefully better than mine (except in the case of the chickens – you can’t take my free chickens)!