Book Review – Quest for Celestia by Steven James


I had the privilege of meeting Steven James at the OWFI Conference this past May, and I picked up his book Quest for Celestia at the same time.

Quest is a re-imagining of Pilgrim’s Progress, and that is a story that goes way back in my childhood memories.  I can’t tell you how many adaptations of it I’ve read, and I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read the original.  I’ll change that soon.

So, since I’ve read my fair-share of re-tellings, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but that I’m familiar with them.

I enjoyed the story, and since I didn’t actually have a Pilgrim’s Progress re-telling, I definitely don’t regret buying this book.  But I felt it was a little lacking in some areas.

The story was fast-paced and interesting.  But it was a little too fast-paced for my tastes.  The main characters were being tossed from one challenge into another, and I felt like we didn’t really get to know them.  We just got a brief glimpse into their journey.  I would’ve liked to take the journey WITH them.

So, I’ve given this book 3 stars on Goodreads, and would recommend it to those who already have a soft spot for Pilgrim’s Progress.