First weekend on the urban farm – HAH!

Warning: this post has a few videos.

We got our chickens on Thursday! There have been some adventures, which I may expound upon later (but if you’re a friend of mine on facebook, you’ve probably already seen most of them), but today I have some videos & photos for you!

First off, not chicken related, I have house pictures and a video tour by my hubby!

The House (facebook album)

The video tour (my husband is a dork, we get up close and personal with my face at one point – don’t ask me why.  Even he doesn’t remember anymore. And this is kinda long – almost 5 minutes):

The chickens (facebook album) – one chicken met its demise this week before we were able to pick them up, so it’s only five now.

And a couple videos for you (also taken by hubby – and these are much shorter than the house one).

Unfortunately, between all the chicken adventures, I haven’t gotten any writing done this week.  I might get some done this evening, we’ll see.