NaNoWriMo Tools – The 2012 Edition

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First off, if you’re doing NaNo this year, please go add me as a writing buddy!  I always “buddy back” over there :D.

Last year I posted the tools that I was using for my NaNoWriMo adventure.  I thought an updated version of that post would be appropriate, but please refer back to the original post, because I don’t want to list things twice, and some of those resources are still my favorites.

I’ve already posted about my outline this year.  We can’t forget the NaNoWriMo forums, either.

But that’s barely even the surface of what I use during the month of November.

We’ll start with the old & reliable:

Write or Die – the most wonderful thing in the world when you’re prone to procrastination.  I have used the desktop version in the past and love it, but I seem to keep losing it on my computer, so I’ll probably just be using the web version this year.

WriteWay – I started using this writing software program last year and I haven’t stopped!  I’m woefully behind on getting a review of it up, but I really love it.  It’s similar to Scrivener, but without the insane learning curve.  It also works much better on my ghetto Windows XP netbook than Scrivener ever would.

The familiar-but-never-used-for-NaNo-before:

Pinterest – I’ve been using Pinterest for a while now, but not for NaNo.  But I’ve found some awesome inspiration for The Undoing Chronicles, so I’ll be referring back there frequently and/or browsing for inspiration for characters/scenery/etc.  You can find some amazing stuff there.

Dropbox – For backups!  Because nothing sucks more than losing 10k words.  Or 50k.  On the last day of NaNo.

StayFocusd (Chrome Extension) – I hate this extension.  Because it works.  And I don’t like things that keep me on focus.  This extension is very flexible.  You can set what websites you can/can’t access at certain times of the day.  I’ll be re-configuring this in the next couple of days to keep my writing productivity at the maximum for November.

The Brand New Shinies:

WriteTrack – Just discovered this, and I may be using it instead of a word tracker spreadsheet this year.  You can input your total goal, “weight” each day based on how much you’ll anticipate actually writing that day (IE: I have “write-in days” weighted at 200%, because I wrote a LOT on those days, and I have Sundays & Thanksgiving weighted at 50%, because I don’t have much time to write those days) and it will adjust daily word counts automatically, and if you input your NaNoWriMo username it will automatically pull your daily words when you update it there.  Sounds pretty nifty, huh?

Spotify – I have one thing to say here – PLAYLISTS.  With Pandora, it was pretty much just luck of the draw.  Now I can compile actual playlists for my stories.  😀  I’ll just say that Undoing will be written to a lot of Within Temptation and Evanescence . . .

And a special treat for all you pantsers out thereSvenja Liv has some awesome spreadsheets for tracking your daily word count, scenes you’ve written, characters, plot lines, etc.  If I were a pantser, this would be spreadsheet heaven.  But alas, I’m not, and I’ve already got all my stuff organized.  But maybe one of you will need this!

What are your NaNoWriMo tools this year?