#WriteMotivation & NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 4

NaNo 2012 Day 4

Word Goal: 6,667/50,000

Actual word count: 9,733

What happened today: First Sunday in November. For the past two years, we’ve done Sunday afternoon write-ins at one of the local libraries.  This year, we decided to do the previous Sunday write-ins on Saturdays.  So instead of time for writing being carved out from 1-4 pm on Sundays, we’re now staying and doing things with my family all Sunday afternoon (which is normal for the rest of the year anyway, we would just rearrange schedules in November before).  There’s also the fact that mom and I get together and watch Once Upon a Time together when it’s a new episode.  So I didn’t even have time to sit down and THINK about writing until 8:30 pm.  I really wanted to reach 10k on the 4th, but it just didn’t happen.  When I checked my word count at 11:58 pm and saw that I was three hundred words short . . . well, when I’m that tired, that many words in that short of time just isn’t going to happen.

Short Excerpt:

“Tell me about your family,” he says when Dazo retires for the night.

He has lulled me into security, and I begin to speak without hesitation, the memories replaying across my closed eyes, as if they had happened just moments before.

I don’t tell him about the hard times.

I tell him about the love. I tell him about the way my parents looked into each other’s eyes, but I don’t tell him that he is looking at me the same way they did, and that I’ve finally figured out that the look means I love you.

I explain why I couldn’t bear to throw away the thread-bare cloak I’d been wearing when he took me away. It belonged to my mother, and it’s the only thing I have left of her. I’m so very grateful for the new one he’s replaced it with, but the old one is folded up at the foot of my bed.


Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/

#WriteMotivation Update

1. Complete my first draft of Undoing – whether it’s 50k or 100k.
Working on this, obviously :D.  It’s very important now, but I’ll go into the explanation for that in a minute.

2. Keep up with my NaNo daily updates on the blog.
Doing good so far, huzzah!  It really helps that I’m not making myself post them the same day, but rather waiting until the day after.  BEST DECISION EVER.

3. Write 200 words a day on Stars for the Dead.  Complete simultaneous edits in November for The Undoing Chronicles in preparation for the NaNo Virtuosos Contest by Curiosity Quills.
This goal is being changed.  Because as much as I want to keep working on Stars for the Dead right now, I’ve got a really good feeling about Undoing.  And I’d be an idiot to blow this chance.  Even if I don’t make it past round 1 or 2, I’ll have a manuscript that’s well on its way to being polished and ready to submit anywhere.  My current strategy is writing before editing, and not editing the current day’s writing.  I’ve received days 1 & 2 back from 2 betas/critiquers, if you’re interested in helping me with that as well, please refer to this post.

4. Keep up with blogs & twitter.
Still behind on blogs, but doing better about twitter interaction.

5. Survive November.
So far so good.  The first weekend is past, hopefully it’ll be a little smoother from here on out since my fall cleaning is done.