NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 9

NaNo 2012 Day 9

Word Goal: 15,003/50,000

Actual word count: 13,025

What happened today: I’ve really got get a handle on this whole housework thing.  Because it never ends >_<.

Short Excerpt:

Who is here in the middle of the night? I reach for my robe first, and then hesitate when I reach the door. For the first time, I wish that I had a servant that shared my quarters. It would be nice to have someone who could protect me if need be.

“Saaachi!” My eyes widen. It’s Taphim. He’s never visited this late before, and from the sound of his voice . . . he’s drunk.

Sighing, I open the door just a crack. I’ve never seen him drunk before. I don’t know how he’ll act.

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