NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 10

NaNo 2012 Day 10

We interrupt this NaNo update for an update! *wink*

Seriously, though, TheBarenakedCritic and I were interviewed about NaNoWriMo and our local NaNo group.  It’s in the November 11 issue of our local Tulsa World.
You can read the article here (though I’m sure they’ll pull it down for non-subscribers at some point).

Word Goal: 16,667/50,000

Actual word count: 16,679

What happened today: It was a crazy insane day.  I was at home for far less hours than I was everywhere else, but at least 5 of those not-at-home hours were at a write-in, so I was able to make major progress toward catching up!  But I’m just barely caught up.  I need to write my daily quota today (1,667), and write 2 or 3 times that tomorrow to get back on track of where I really need to be.

Short Excerpt (an actual NEW excerpt, not a revised one!):

Suddenly I can’t hold back the trembles. My hands shake as they brush his face, and he sighs softly, pressing against my fingers, but doesn’t wake. A ragged gasp escapes me, and I press my hands against my mouth now to muffle the noise. I’m grateful that he seems to be completely knocked out, probably a combination of the emotional exhaustion and the alcohol he’s consumed.

My eyes fall shut as I sink my teeth into a knuckle. The tears I have held in for years are finally falling.

I haven’t mourned at all. Not for my people, my mother or father, or my brothers, and most certainly not for myself. I force my eyes open and glance at the eastern window. It is still dark outside, but there is the faintest crimson glow along the horizon. Dawn is approaching, but there are still a few hours before Dazo will arrive. I have time.

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