NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 17

NaNo 2012 Day 17

Word Goal: 28,339/50,000

Actual word count: 31,080

What happened today: Write-in day!  I’m about 2500 words ahead of schedule now, need to keep that word count soaring, though, because I’ve realized that *gasp* November is all going down hill now!  And Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK.  And . . . NaNo ends NEXT WEEK.  And I still have a lot of story to get through!  (Did I mention that Undoing has turned into two books?  Because there’s no way this is all going to fit into one book anymore >_<.)

Short Excerpt:

He grins lasciviously, “Ah yes, you are such a pretty one . . .”

“Hands off, kashten, she’s still uncondemned.”

The guard freezes, and I yank my arm back through the bars. I glance up and see two more guards entering the dungeon, and with them is a man that I don’t know. Taphim stands two steps back behind them, and my eyes widen. I didn’t expect that he would be here at all. I only thought I’d see him the judge’s seat.

My eyes flicker back to the other man. His clothing is very ornate and fine, and he wears the most luxurious, flowing cloak I’ve ever seen. A golden torc with twin bull’s heads on each end rests around his neck, and I feel all the blood in my body sinking into my feet in dread.

If there is one man the Rishka feared more than the Rashan, it is this one.

The Kashlin.