NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 22

NaNo 2012 Day 22

Word Goal: 36,674/50,000

Actual word count: 40,156

What happened today: Thanksgiving!  Is it wrong to be thankful that Thanksgiving only happens once a year?  Because it exhausts me.  I love it, but no one should spend 20/48 hours in the kitchen.  Ever.

I am also determined to hit 50k on Saturday.

Also, when I’m really tired is evidently when the pretty words flow.  As evidenced below in the excerpt.

Short Excerpt:

The streets of Kimtha are not the same when she’s not on Taphim’s arm.  The buildings are larger, more ominous, the shadows stretching out like dark arms to embrace her in terrible secrets.  Faces that are normally cheery seem to be laughing at her, instead of at the world.  When a screeching, orange cat trips her up when it dashes out of the alley, she almost considers turning back.