NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 24 – Crossing the Finish Line!

NaNo 2012 Day 24

Word Goal: 40,008/50,000

Actual word count: 50,733

What happened today: WRITING happened today! LOTS and LOTS of writing!  So much writing (almost 6k) that I’ve reached 50k!  I even managed to wrap up the plot, but I have to go back and start revisions now.  I’m hoping to add 20k or so doing that, since I know where the plot is going now.  I need to add some details to make the world more realistic, and I need to put in foreshadowing (woohoo!).

I’m not going to get all of that done in the next two days, though.  Hopefully by the 10th, which is the deadline for the NaNo-Virtuosos Competition.

I’ve also decided to use this story to take part in #PitchWars, an event that a friend of mine (Becca Weston) is helping to organize.

So, I’ve got a lot on my plate these next few days, weeks, and months.

I’m just hoping to be able to take a brief pause for Christmas and my 5th wedding anniversary on January 5th.

And on the note of the finished NaNo, if I’ve talked to you at all in the last month about beta-ing/crit-ing for Undoing (now book 1), expect an email by the end of the day (it’s 8:30 am where I am right now, so give me another 12-16 hours, okay? :D).  This email will not contain the manuscript, but rather some information that I need you to look at before you read it.

The main thing you need to know – this is definitely a book for adult audiences.  There is very little sexual content (though it is most certainly mentioned), but it contains adultery, violence, gore, genocide, and infanticide, just to brush over the top.  I am not condoning any of these things, I am simply telling the stories of the characters.

If you are interested in reading Undoing (bk 1) for me and giving me feedback, please send me an email to rebekah dot loper at gmail dot com by the end of today :D.

I will need to receive your comments and suggestions for the story back by December 2nd, or sooner if possible.

Those who have signed up so far:

The Merry Mennonite
Oxford Erin
Dyadic Echoes
Barenaked Critic
A Quid for the Quill
Daugher of Maat

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for . . .

Short Excerpt:

His wife rises gracefully then turns to greet the younger man with the slight incline of her head. Judges rank far lower than the Kashlin’s wife. Zanis has already bowed.

“My Lady Kashlinez.”

Her hand reaches, mimicking the motion her husband had just done with her, resting it lightly on the man’s bowed head. “Lord Judge.”

“This is Zanis, the second son of Taphim and Zareja.”

Kashlinez Sarana nods in recognition. She knows his mother well, after all.

“Judge Zanis has his eye on his father’s seat.”