It’s time for NaNo Virtuosos!

Guess what?! I was able to get my novel in for the NaNo Virtuosos contest! This contest is hosted by Curiosity Quills, and the winner of all three rounds will be offered a publishing deal.

But to get anywhere near that, I need YOUR help to make it through the first round!

That’s right, all of this is determined by VOTES.

Curiosity Quills also has some incentives for you voters! You can read more about the Synergy portion of the contest here, which includes free books, and a drawing for a Google Nexus 7 32gb HSPA+ Tablet. To be entered in the drawing, you have to correctly vote for at least 5 of the novels that will make through to round 2. Hopefully mine will be one of them, right? Right.

You can read the first three pages of my novel, Catalyst, here.

Then go to this page, scroll down, click the check box that says “Catalyst (The Undoing Chronicles, Book 1), by Rebekah Loper”, vote for any other stories you want to as well, fill out the form at the bottom, and hit submit! Ta-da, you’ve voted!

Thanks, everyone!

Also, keep an eye out in the next couple of days, because this post is my 299th one here. For my 300th blog post, I’m going to do a giveaway! Ya’ll like homemade cookies and scones, right? 😀