Of Editing & Anniversaries

Christmas was absolutely crazy this year. Not because of Christmas, but because of people doing stupid things, and so instead of editing as much as possible in the time between the end of NaNo and the end of Round 1 of NaNo Virtuosos, I was dealing with the fallout of the people doing stupid things.

And then (as all of the family drama finally began to settle down), Round 1 of NaNo Virtuosos came to a close – and I made it through!

I got the 2nd most amount of votes!

I got the 2nd most amount of votes!

So on New Year’s Eve, instead of being out celebrating with people (hubby and I were staying in either way, honestly, because we’re old married people and we were tired), I was running around my house alternating between squealing, screaming for joy, and crying because OMG I MADE IT THROUGH!

And then, then next three days were promptly followed with frantic editing sessions and sleep deprivation.

From Jan 1 – Jan 4, I think I spent a minimum of 6 hours editing each day. On Thursday and Friday, they were 10-12 hr editing sessions, with only short breaks for food and restroom needs.

And tea. There was a LOT of tea.

But I finished my read-through, and was able to get all but the last 25 pages of my edits typed up. Yes, I have to do the initial round of editing on paper. It doesn’t work, otherwise, because I’m either a) continually distracted by the internet or b) I skim over it too much.

But I got it in.

And now, it’s just a matter of waiting to see what the panel members think of the manuscript. *crosses fingers* pleasepleasepleasepleaselikeit

There’s also a chance that I can win a commissioned cover for Catalyst with this round (separate from the manuscript judging), so I’ll be letting you guys know more about that when it goes up, because it requires voting as well ;).

And in the meantime . . . well, five years ago today, my husband and I said “I do” to each other.

I don’t know where those five years have gone. I really don’t. Time is flying by so fast these days, and it seems like there isn’t enough time for anything.

So as I celebrate with my hubby, I hope that the rest of you are able to spend time doing something that matters this weekend – whether it’s with a loved one, or with a beloved book.

The Lopers - January 5, 2008

The Lopers – January 5, 2008