And So Begins Round 2 . . .

That’s right – Round Two of NaNo Virtuosos is now running!

Things are a little different for this round:

The manuscripts are NOT what is being voted on, but rather the cover concepts each author has put together for their entries.

For this round, the panel members will be deciding/recommending who goes on to Round Three, and goodness I hope I didn’t make any dumb editing mistakes *headdesk*.

So for the cover concepts: Basically, the one with the most votes will get a commissioned cover from one of the illustrators at Curiosity Quills, regardless of whether that same manuscript makes it into Round Three.

So, the links:

Directly to Catalyst (which is now the cover concept & the FULL PROLOGUE. If you read the first three pages for Round 1 before voting and you want to see what happened with Zareja & Trist, you can now read it all! :D)

Directly to the Round 2 page (where you can vote) – just scroll down to the checklist, and please vote for Catalyst (The Undoing Chronicles, Book 1) by Rebekah Loper!

Thank you all! There will be normal blog posts again at . . . some point. Hopefully later in the week.