The Joys of *insert any activity here* (Writing/Editing, Urban Farming, Blogging . . . )

Hi everyone!

I thought I would pop by and let you all know that I am still alive!

First up, I have been editing almost NON-STOP on Catalyst. (OMG I almost despise my sofa now, but it’s better than the wooden chairs at the dining room table. I need an office chair. Badly.) My Ferrets and beta-readers have been giving me excellent feedback so far, and I could not be improving this thing without them. Now here’s to hoping that I make it into Round 3 of NaNo Virtuosos so that THEY can see all the major improvements!

Speaking of NaNo Virtuosos . . . have you gone and voted for my cover concept yet? If not, here’s the link to the voting page. Just scroll down to “Catalyst” and click on the book title to view the cover concept and to read the prologue! Thankies!

In other news . . . as much as I need to keep continually working on Catalyst, it’s that time of year for garden planning! Since I really am wanting to make a go of this whole urban farming things (beyond just happening to have chickens living in my backyard), that means I need to grow things.

Dang it, it’s so easy to get distracted from editing by gardening things . . .

But, here is my first very rough draft-up of a garden plan. This is only a fraction of the space that I have available to plant things in (our lot is almost 1/4 acre), but it’s the part I’m going to start with first at the very least. Any other urban gardeners/farmers out there . . . let me know what you think? I’m fairly new at this. I also have an enclosed front porch that I’m hoping to take advantage of all year long for growing things. Once I can get everything that needs to go to the dumb out of it.

I’m also starting a new part-time job today. I’ll be working 8-10 hours a week at as a file clerk at a local law office. I’m having mixed feelings about it, but mostly because it’s hard for me to get past the mentality of “I’m a stay-at-home writer!” But I need the job to fund some writing things. (IE: writing conferences, a new computer eventually . . . and I need a haircut at some point. I’d also like to be able to get a few new clothes. I’m willing to make all of my own clothes, except blue jeans and sweaters.)

Bible reading/basic study . . . I’m staying caught up with my daily Bible reading, but I literally have not had the time to sit down and figure out blog posts for the study. If you’re reading along, fantastic! We should be almost all the way through the book of Genesis at this point. How are you coming?

I do have a PDF version of the Bible reading schedule made-up now, so just contact me if you’d like me to email it to you.

I’m thinking that instead of doing weekly “study sessions” that I might just do one at the end of each book of the Bible, and it’ll probably be vlogs instead of blogs. Just ’cause.

And the final section of the blog . . .


Sharon Bayliss, author of The Charge (March 2013) is hosting a The Worldbuilding Blogfest from January 28th – February 1st. I’ve already signed up (honestly, I love worldbuilding as much as I love writing the actual stories), and if you’re a fantasy/sci-fi writer at all, this will be extremely beneficial for you.

There are all sorts of prizes as well ;).

You can read more about it (and sign up!) by clicking the graphic above.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!