What’s coming up in February!

First off, if you haven’t voted for my novel, Catalyst, in the 2013 NaNo Virtuosos contest, go do it! For more info, please visit this post.

Secondly, there’s a few things that I’m doing this next month, and I want you to know about them just in case you want to do them too!

Yes, that sentence was rambly. I’ve just gone through 3 drafts in less than 90 days (yay NaNo Virtuosos). So, give my poor brain a little lee-way, please :D.

The Agenda:

1. The Worldbuilding Blogfest – Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2013 (hosted by Sharon Bayliss)

Worldbuilding. It’s all about creating fantasy/dystopian/alternate history worlds that are developed and believable. It’s critical in sci-fi and fantasy but important in ALL works of fiction. Every character lives in a setting or “world” and it needs to be fleshed out in the novel, whether it’s a fantasy world like Middle Earth or present-day New York City.
For science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian writers, worldbuilding cannot be ignored. But worldbuilding is for my friends writing in the real world too. 
So, here is the challenge. Do you really understand your novel’s “world”? Do you know the geography, cultures, religions, history?
In this blogfest you’ll be challenged to flesh out all the pieces of your make-believe or 100% real setting in the Worldbuilding Blogfest.
(From Sharon’s blog)

2. The Bucket List Challenge Blog Hop – February 4-12, 2013 (hosted by Dana Sitar)

I’m running The Bucket List Challenge Blog Hop to celebrate the launch of my first ebook, A Writer’s Bucket List: 99 things to do for inspiration, education, and experience before your writing kicks the bucket. For this hop, we’ll encourage readers to tackle their bucket lists head on in 2013. Join me to give your readers a nudge down the path toward their dreams, help me promote my new book, and get some exposure for your blog while you do it!
(Dana’s description)

3. The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest II – February 22, 2013 (hosted by August McLaughlin)

A rundown of the fest:
What: A blog-fest designed to celebrate beauty, however you define it.
Who: YOU! The fest is open to females and males of all ages.
When: Friday, February 22nd
Why: To have fun, be inspired and entertained, inspire or entertain others, gain exposure and blog readers and, potentially, win a Kindle Fire or equivalent Amazon gift card. (All participants and commenters will be entered into the prize drawing. The more blogs you visit, the greater your chances become.)
(From August’s Blog)

Doesn’t that all look like fun? Which ones have caught your eye?