My 2013 Goals & Aspirations – Some Revisions

Well, somehow, the first month of 2013 has come to a close. And I’ve decided that every year, one month in, I’m going to go over my goals again, because it seems that a lot of things always re-set the tone of the year in that first month.

Also, don’t forget to vote for my novel, Catalyst, in the 3rd round of NaNo Virtuosos! More info here.

Writing/Blogging Goals:

1. Finish draft 1 of 2011 NaNo (Gyti universe – Stars for the Dead . . . but not. It’s a long story that will get explained later.)

2. Write book 2 of Undoing.

3. Make major progress on 2-3 books of Gyti.

4. Finish ABCs of Fiction know, as fantastic as this idea was, I’m just not enthusiastic about it right now. So it’s coming off the list.

5. Participate in no more than 5 major blog events (platform building campaign, bloghops/fests,  etc) spread throughout the year. – this one may very well get revised a little further down the road, and I should mention that the CSFF Blog Tour is NOT to be included in this count. Even so, by the end of February, I’ll have already completed 3 blog fests.

6. Attend 2-4 writing conferences and pitch to an agent at least once (currently planning for OWFI, OCW, and Nimrod, and possibly the Muse Online conference).

7. Draft 1-2 short stories per month. – er . . . yeah, let’s make this 3-4 short stories for the entire year.

8. Have outlines for at least 2-3 novels completed at the end of the year.

9. Completely organize writing things.

10. Continue blogging 2-3 times a week.

11. Write every day except Monday (there are related goals in Health & Lifestyle below). – I’ve figured out I work better with a “rotating” day off – it’s not going to be the same every week because my schedule fluctuates THAT MUCH.

12. Read at least one “craft” book per month. (You know, books about writing!) – Whoot, doing good on this one! My “craft” book for January was Write a Great Synopsis by Nicola Morgan, and for February it was A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar. Reviews of both of these will be forthcoming in the near future.

Health/Lifestyle Goals

1. Get a spring garden in.

2. FORM THE HABIT OF working out at least 3 times a week. – slight revision. I’ve worked out, maybe, twice in 2013 so far.

3. FORM THE HABIT OF reading my Bible daily. – once again, slight revision. I’m currently two days behind *headdesk*.

4. Take Mondays off from writing, chores, exercise basically make it my “Sabbath rest”.I’ve started a part-time job, and I now work on Mondays. So, Saturdays are in the process of becoming by “Sabbath rest”. So, let’s just revise this goal to “Rearrange schedule to form the habit of taking a Sabbath rest regularly.”

5. Stay off the computer until 9 am Tues-Sat. – this one is just going away. It’s not working.

6. Take at least one day per month completely off the computer. – have not yet succeeded with this one, but I’m hoping it will still happen.

7. Start making and using more home remedies.


1. Attempt Project 365 (again). – Also going away. I . . . made it two days in and got distracted.

2. Have plan in place for finishing household and outdoor projects (even if it’s going to take years).

3. Get a tattoo (I’ve actually figured out what I want for my first one for certain, lol).

4. Take advantage of the free foreign language and continuing education courses available through my local library.

5. Make most/all of my “new” clothes this year.

Are any of your goals changing/evolving as the year starts passing?