2013 NaNo Virtuosos – Close, but not quite . . .

I have a confession to make – I’m pre-writing this post almost two weeks before the results of NaNo Virtuosos goes live.

And if you’re seeing THIS post, it means that I didn’t win.

Why did I decide to pre-write this, you ask?

Because I’m going to be very sad if I didn’t win. I’m not going to be disappointed in myself or in the story, but I’m still going to be disappointed.

And, mentally and emotionally, I’m not going to be anywhere near the point of writing a blog post if I’ve lost. Not for a few days.

Because . . . stories are incredibly personal. I have worked day and night for almost three months to get this story anywhere near a publishable/marketable state, and I’m going to feel so frustrated.

So here’s what I’m going to ask of you guys:

1. Please don’t give me lots of hugs and “I’m sorries”. (Yes, I know that’s not a word. :P)

Just give me a little space for a few days. I’ll work through most of this on my own, I just need to move past it instead of being reminded of it constantly.

2. Ask me what’s coming up next; or remind me of what’s coming up next.

I want to make major progress on my Gyti stories this year. The beauty of those is that everything is already outlined and literally just need to sit down and write it. So ask me how my progress on that is coming.

Remind me that OWFI is coming up – and that I can now pitch Catalyst at it, as long as I’ve made a little bit more progress on revising parts of it.

I’ve also found an agent that I want to pitch Catalyst to, so don’t let me get distracted from continuing edits!

Also, remind me (please oh please oh please) that spring is right around the corner. And I still have lots of garden stuff to do!

3. Ask me about Catalyst – but not about NaNo Virtuosos.

Ask me about the story – help me keep my passion for it going, because I don’t want the story to become synonymous with disappointment.

Also a head’s up – I will probably be avoiding the internet for a few days and burying myself in books :D.
Just FYI, I placed 3rd overall in the final round.

Thank you, everyone! I couldn’t have made it so far without you!