Blast to the Past – Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, Day One – the February 2013 Edition

CSFF Blog TourOnce upon a time, there was a painfully shy young girl. She thinks she was twelve when all of this happened, but isn’t completely sure. There are a few distinct memories she has of that time:

1. Braces. These were either imminent, or had just happened. Hence the age of twelve mentioned above. It was a rough year.

2. There were two favorite series of books residing on her bookcase:
– The Seven Sleepers by Gilbert Morris
– The Winds of Light by Sigmund Brouwer

3. She attended her first writing workshop. The instructors were Nancy Rue (Who’d just had surgery on her jaw, and was speaking with it wired shut, and the girl felt an extreme amount of sympathy for Rue – because of the braces.) and Sigmund Brouwer.

Yes, Sigmund Brouwer. That day was probably the first “fangirl” experience of my life. I didn’t do anything stupid or embarrassing – or, rather, I don’t remember if I did.

I do remember me, my mom, and my sister brought our own lunches. There was chocolate pudding. It was a good lunch.

I really remember very little of the actual workshops. I think there was something about brainstorming. And plotting. Nothing too complicated – the whole event was geared toward pre-teens and teens.

What I do remember: going away from the workshop with a true desire to create my own story – one not connected to the make-believe world my sister and I had been jointly creating stories for all our lives. Also, the realization that authors are completely normal human beings. Well, relatively speaking.

And that Mom spent forever talking to Sigmund Brouwer in the book sale area afterward, and while I thought that was so cool and even got a few words of my own in there (hopefully nothing dumb!), I was really so very bored because Mom wouldn’t buy me ALL THE BOOKS. It was a terrible tragedy.

Would I have become a writer even without that experience? Probably. I was already telling stories with my sister, after all. I still would have read the Lord of the Rings, and been bitten with the world-building bug (even though I truly started by writing fanfic), and Gyti was born.

But it still made a significant impact on me as a person – because The Winds of Light was the first series I read that left me completely and utterly in awe, and in love with each character.

And now it’s been re-born as Merlin’s ImmortalsWhat do I think? Come back and find out tomorrow!

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