Camp NaNo – April 2013 – Week 2 Recap

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeCatalyst is making progress! But somewhere here I need to find time to start working on pitches, because I’m going to be brave. I’ve requested a pitch appointment at OWFI in a couple of weeks (GAH A COUPLE WEEKS!).

What possessed me? I have no idea.

So, basic stats:

Starting word count on March 31: 55,380
Word count @ end of Week 2: 60,473
Total words written so far: 5,093
Words left to hit goal: 19,527

I have got to get the ball rolling on this thing. But the good news is that I’m finally in a section where I have several new scenes to add, instead of just reading (again), editing, adding description, etc.


Silver light flashed through my vision, and I felt the warmth of power flow like tears down my face. Then it clung to my neck, traveled over my shoulders, and down my arms. The runes heated beneath my fingers, and the light flowed into them, taking my awareness with it.

Through the stone of the hearth, warm and comforting from the flames it cradled. Then there was shock at the chill of the cobblestone streets, the pattering and pounding of feet like the prickling of cold nerves. I distantly, as if in a foggy dream, felt my body shivering by the time I was aware of the central square. And the Eye. I braced myself for the repeated anguish of the spilled Rishka blood, and passed through it as quickly as I could. Back to the seer stones, and their familiar presence soothed the ache of my heart.