Camp NaNo – April 2013 – Week 4 Recap & Pitching Panics

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeGot my pitch appointment confirmation, woohoo! Keep my in your thoughts/prayers from 2:30 to 2:40 pm Central time on Friday, please! *bites nails*

Also, still open to feedback on pitches! Please go to last week’s Camp NaNo recap for more info.

So, basic stats:

Starting word count on March 31: 55,380
Word count @ end of Week 3: 75,267
Total words written so far: 19,887
Words left to hit goal: 4,733

FINALLY THE WORDS ARE COMING. And they’re barely slowing down, except when I’m tired, and I will definitely hit 80k in the next two days, and should hopefully have this fifth? sixth? draft of Catalyst finished before I actually have to pitch it on Friday.

*spaztwitchflail* OMG I’M PITCHING IT ON FRIDAY. *headdesk* AAAAAAAHHHH.


There had been nothing about the day that warned me of the events to come, and yet I hadn’t been able to shake the feeling of dread that filled the air around me, and sank into my very soul.

It had been a bright, spring day. A day like the ones that used to make Mama and Father eye each other with desire and want, and us children would make ourselves scarce somewhere else in the forest.

But that hadn’t happened in a long time. Today, as I watched Mama and Father trudge drearily through the forest, trying to stay out of sight of the main road, but close enough to it so we could track our location, I was torn between the desire to run, to get as far away from the road as I could, or to stay as close as possible to my family for as long as I could.

Sanich and Sanil had noticed my unease several hours before, and for the first time in a long time, they’d stayed by my side, each one clutching one of my hands. Father and Mama walked side by side, his arm around her shoulders.
Mama looked so weary. She had for so very long. Father wasn’t much better, and I held back tears as I tightened my grasp on my brother’s hands.