Camp NaNo is Finished! And I won!


So, basic stats:

Starting word count on March 31: 55,380
Word count @ end of month: 80,531
Total words written in April: 25,151
Words left to hit goal: ZERO!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe April is over. (Well, in a little over two hours for me.) It went by so insanely fast. And while I’ve reached my 80k goal on Catalyst, I still have 5 chapters left to edit/revise by Friday-ish. BECAUSE I’M PITCHING TO AN AGENT ON FRIDAY AND EEEEEE! I feel so woefully under-prepared, though I do know this story almost inside out and backwards now.

Overall, I anticipate that Catalyst will likely be 83-84k when I get everything finished. Hopefully sometime on Thursday. Or even tomorrow. Tomorrow would be best.

Also, you have until midnight CST tonight to sign up for the May round of #WriteMotivation. I highly recommend doing so. More info on KT Hanna’s blog here.


“Good morning, mother,” he murmured, bowing at the waist. It wasn’t required of him, but an extra show of submission wouldn’t hurt in this situation. If what he’d accused her of to Taphim was correct, then Zanis had no doubt she’d heard of his threat already.

This wasn’t a wolf hunting a lamb. He was wolf hunting a lioness, and there were distinct boundaries already drawn. Zanis was in her territory, and making any attack here would be suicide. He may not have any respect for her as a person, but he was still required to respect her position both as his mother – especially since her inherited rank was higher than his father’s and if wanted any hope of that title passing to him or his progeny one day, he couldn’t offend her yet – and as the Rashan’s wife.