May #WriteMotivation & OWFI – What a weekend!

Oh wow, what a crazy past few days it’s been!

Where should I start?

I met Patrick Rothfuss! (There will be photographic evidence posted in a later post. Yes, I know I used two variations of the word “post” in that previous sentence. Deal with it. I don’t care right now.) But for now, his autograph!

Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss, autograph

Autographed “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss

And I met August McLaughlin, who is so very sweet and intelligent and fun! And I forgot to get a picture with her :(. But I got her book, with autograph, bwahaha!

autographed copy of "In Her Shadow" by August McLaughlin

“In Her Shadow” by August McLaughlin

Aaaaand… I pitched to two agents! One told me to go ahead and submit to him (I’m assuming I should just follow the directions on his agency website, except send to him directly, since he gave me his contact info. He didn’t really specify, and I was so nervous, I forgot to ask. Oops.)

The second agent… well, there’s a story here. The second agent requested my full manuscript. She seemed very enthusiastic, and had a LOT of questions about my story.

I found out why that evening.

First Place for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Novel, OWFI 2013, Catalyst by Rebekah Loper


When I won 1st place in the OWFI Contest for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror novel category!


So… she’s already read the first 25 pages of Catalyst.



Okay, on to the real reason for this post…

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

So, my May 2013 Goals:

1. Set Catalyst aside and NOT TOUCH IT. (With two exceptions – a final read-through the weekend of OWFI, and if I *gasp* get any requests.)

OMG I GOT A REQUEST. *ahem* But you already know this. So… yeah.

2. Aside from hopefully at least one pitch appointment at OWFI, query 5 agents with Catalyst.

Need to start on this one…

3. Draft 2-3 short stories (including flash fiction).

Haven’t even thought about this yet.

4. Outline 1-2 new novels and start character charts

One of these is definitely going to be the 2nd Undoing book.

5. Get 5 reviews pre-written for the blog.

Ummm, yeah, gotta start on this too… but I have plenty of reading material now!

How’s #WriteMotivation going for ya’ll? Or just your regular projects, if you’re not doing #WriteMotivation?