May #WriteMotivation – Catalyst is COMPLETE!

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Progress was made this week, and oh, is it sweet!

So, my May 2013 Goals:

1. Set Catalyst aside and NOT TOUCH IT. 

I have now successfully reached the point where I *can* set it aside for a while! That’s right. On Saturday afternoon, I officially finished Catalyst. I’ve gone through 6 drafts in six months.

The ride has been insane, ya’ll.

2. Aside from hopefully at least one pitch appointment at OWFI, query 5 agents with Catalyst.

Eeeee, ready to start on this one this week! First things first, though – getting the “meat” of the query polished and ready to go, so I can just personalize each letter after that.

3. Draft 2-3 short stories (including flash fiction).

Erm… we’ll see. If I have time, I do have a prompt from Chuck Wendig’s latest flash fiction challenge. But that cannot be posted here. Not with who might read it.

4. Outline 1-2 new novels and start character charts

I’ve started brainstorming/outlining Undoing Book 2!

5. Get 5 reviews pre-written for the blog.

I know which reviews I’m writing… but for some of them, it requires watching movies/finishing books first. We’ll see how many I can knock out this week…

You want to know what else I did this week?

Tightened up my synopsis for Catalyst.
Wrote my submission email for QueryKombat.
Harvest a HUGE bunch of wild onions out of my front yard. Yes, my yard. I didn’t realize how many were there until I started pulling them up!
Bought 8 tomato & 4 pepper plants.
Weeded a 6′ x 4′ section in the garden – crabgrass SUCKS, ya’ll.
Planted 4 of the tomato plants before I nearly fell asleep IN the garden.
TOOK PICTURES OF GARDEN THINGS. Those will be forthcoming at a later date.
Watched the Once Upon a Time finale – predictable-ish, but STILL SO GOOD. (I’ve also come to realize that I will now be able to predict the plot to just about anything, because I’ve begun to think like that >_<. Last night, hubby asked if I could name a book where a plot twist had surprised me. I… couldn’t.)
Figured out some new ‘features’ I’m going to start implementing on my blog in the next month or so.

What have you accomplished this week (no matter how large, or small)? How’s #WriteMotivation going?