A few changes (and new things) coming up…

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a few announcements to make here, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the most obvious one – a new blog theme!

Yes, I can’t help but change it every so often. I really like this one, though. 😀

Second, I’ve been thinking and thinking (especially after August McLaughlin‘s social media workshop at OWFI) about some things I want to do with this blog, especially things that will be easy, and things I enjoy.

I’ve honestly missed doing the weekly devotionals that I used to do on this blog. But I don’t have the time, at the moment, to write devotionals for every week. I’m honestly so behind on my Bible reading it’s not even funny.

So instead of writing a devotional every week, I’m just going to share something that inspires (writing related or not) me – whether it be scripture verses, a quote, or even a picture. This will begin this coming Sunday (May 19).

I’m also trying to appeal to a larger crowd than just fellow writers, since I imagine I want more people than JUST writers reading my books one day ;). In that interest, I’m going to be starting a couple OTHER features as well.

On Fridays (starting sometime in June), we will have the scandalous posts – Tea Porn. Yes, that’s right – tea porn (can’t wait to see the search hits I start getting for that *cackles*). If you’re a tea drinker, you know what I mean.

If not, well, THIS is tea porn (just watch until the opening credits start):

I kid you not, me, Serena, and Michelle all squealed quite loudly when Sebastian started making tea CORRECTLY.  There is a lack of appreciation for good tea in the world, so with Tea Porn, I will attempt to change that.

On Saturdays (starting this Saturday, May 18), I’m going start a weekly post series called “The State of the (Urban) Farm“. I was originally going to do one post on this, with a subtitle of More relevant to your daily life than any State of the Union address EVER, but there’s so much that goes on with growing food and raising animals that it really needs more than one post. For the most part, though, these days will be photo blogs :D.

Which new feature are you looking forward to the most?