May #WriteMotivation Wrap-Up, and on to June!

Holy wow, May flew by fast.

I’m 28 now, ya’ll. Yesterday was my birthday.

The past few days have also brought about a few changes that affected my goals for the month of May, though not in a bad way.

May #WriteMotivation Goals:

In all honesty, I have made no new progress on these since Monday.

Some things have changed.

Firstly, I received feedback from two critiquers. (thank you, ladies! You know who you are!) Both of them pointed out a major problem I hadn’t realized I’d stumbled into, but I think I know how to fix it.

And then, on Wednesday night, I had a plot epiphany. And I need to re-write a major portion of Catalyst now >_<. Fortunately, it isn’t taking things out as much as it is putting a lot more in. The motivations of some of the characters had been (frustratingly) eluding me for a while, and now I have them. Yay! (Seriously, characters, why couldn’t you do this two months ago?)

So obviously, querying is grinding to a halt, though I do still have the full request out that I’m waiting to hear back on, and one query. At this point, I’m going to just leave the full alone and see what feedback I get from it. If it’s a rejection, I’ll definitely respond explaining the revisions I’m making and ask if I can re-submit later down the road.

So, on to my #WriteMotivation goals for June!

(Which *ahem* KT and I are plotting something as well, so keep your eyes peeled for THAT. Not that it’s super-secret or anything, we’re just finalizing details.)

1. Finish crit on TSB for Michelle.

2. Get halfway through (new) Catalyst re-write.

3. Work on character charts for Undoing bk 2.

4. Read five books. (Excluding manga. Because I read manga like candy.)

5. Get five posts pre-written for this blog.

6. Get five more posts pre-written for new blog project. (Announcement coming soon!)

Want to sign up for June’s #WriteMotivation? It’s still open through midnight CDT tonight!

Also, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might remember a few months ago when I attempted a writing & healthy living smooshed together sort of thing.

It failed miserably.

Mainly because I forgot about an amazing tool I’d already used that would make everything SO MUCH simpler.

See, there’s this thing called Health Month. Health Month was created by the same guy who made, though it was recently sold to new owners.

If you want to find out more about playing the Health Month game (it’s free for 3 rules or less, or costs $5/month or up when you hit different levels of rules above three), visit this page.

I do have a team on Health Month that you are welcome to join if you decide this might be a handy tool to play with. Feel free to come join in!