#WriteMotivation – Holy Crump, it’s June

It has been a busy weekend.

June Goals:

1. Finish crit on TSB for Michelle.

Haven’t started yet.

2. Get halfway through (new) Catalyst re-write.

Haven’t started yet.

3. Work on character charts for Undoing bk 2.

Haven’t started yet.

4. Read five books. (Excluding manga. Because I read manga like candy.)

In progress! Currently reading “Home from the Sea” by Mercedes Lackey. I very much enjoy her Elemental Masters series.

5. Get five posts pre-written for this blog.

Haven’t started yet.

6. Get five more posts pre-written for new blog project.

First off – the announcement! The Rabid Rainbow Ferrets now have a blog! You should go follow it. Also, my intro post is live today :D. This first week has a post every day, introducing each of us. After that, we’ll drop back to 2-3 posts/week, with everything from humor to writing to… more writing. Yes, we’re all writers :P.

And I’m on a roll with this one! Already written 3/5 posts, huzzah!