#WriteMotivation – Ugh.

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I want to take the last half of this past week and chuck it out the window (defenestration FTW!) and start over.

For good news, though, the RRFS blog is up and thriving! Michelle posted today about Two-Part Outlines. We also have a Facebook page now. You should go like us!

June Goals:

1. Finish crit on TSB for Michelle.

This will be this week’s focus.

2. Get halfway through (new) Catalyst re-write.

This isn’t gonna happen. I’m devoting July’s Camp NaNo session (provided real-life doesn’t try to kill me between family coming into town, then my mom leaving town for a week. I may actually have to talk to/see my dad at some point *cries*.) to trying to finish a Catalyst re-write.

NEW #2 goal: Read through Catalyst and mark what needs to be changed.

3. Work on character charts for Undoing bk 2.

Going to try and start these today.

4. Read five books. (Excluding manga. Because I read manga like candy.)

Well, I made progress on this :D. Books read this month are:

Passing Time by Ellie Garratt
Snapshots by Patricia Lynne
Forged by Fate by Amalia Dillin

I will also be reading Guardian, by Heather Burch, this month. I read the first one in the series (Halflings) for the Debut Author Challenge last year, and the author contacted me about doing a review for the second book as well. I need to get on the ball, lol.

And hopefully I’ll actually finish Home from the Sea as well this month. I started A Wise Man’s Fear, but that is not going to be finished this month. My goal is to finish THAT one by NaNo. It’s almost a thousand pages.

I *ahem* may or may not have 7 volumes of D. Gray-man (manga) sitting on my shelf for me to read, as well. Those will be my reward for getting a little more progress made on these #WriteMotivation goals.

5. Get five posts pre-written for this blog.

COMPLETE! Three reviews, and two Sunday posts.

6. Get five more posts pre-written for RRFS blog.

I have the four finished posts (I just need to add pictures & schedule them), and the one I mentioned last week that is in progress (waiting on info from other people). I’ll be adding another blog post (or three?) this week, because of the little cheating incident I discovered over the weekend (some of you will have seen this on Twitter). It prompted an ethics discussion with the other Ferrets, and I have a new series (Ethics for Writers) that I’ll probably post between both here and the RRFS blog.

I’m actually really excited to write it, because Christian Ethics was one of my favorite classes in college, and it’ll be like writing essays for that again XD.

Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who likes writing essays…