#WriteMotivation – Now it starts to get fun…

Edit: This is evidently my 400th blog post! *throws confetti*

It’s been a week, and now I just need to survive the next one too. The family is in town, and things are going well so far, though there have been a few tense moments with the other issues going on. Just keep praying for strength for all of us, please!

And please ignore any typos. I can’t write straight today.

July #WriteMotivation Goals:

1. Crit Cloudy for Eris.

I have not started on this yet. I likely will do this after Mom is out-of-town, because I’ve heard it’s HILARIOUS, and I’m going to need something to make me laugh while Mom is gone.

2. Catalyst re-write for Camp NaNo.

Doing well on this one so far, averaging about an hour a day on edits/re-writes. Hoping to start working up to 2-3 hours a day.

3. Read A Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.

Hm, yeah, haven’t even picked this up yet. Will hopefully work on this today.

4. Survive the uncle & family coming to visit, and MOM GOING OUT OF TOWN FOR A WEEK. The goal is literally DO NOT DIE OR HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.

In progress.