#WriteMotivation – It was a really bizarre week.

It is seriously a miracle that my entire family survived this past week. I’m not even kidding.

Tuesday – the a/c at my mom’s house broke.

Wednesday – a/c still broken. Heat index was 105-110 F. Grandma began to suffer from nosebleeds.

Thursday – 1 am: I get a call from Mom, Grandma has been taken to the ER for her 5th nosebleed in 12 hours, and this one hasn’t stopped. They finally get it to stop around 3 am and Grandma is sent home. The a/c at mom’s house is finally fixed. For five minutes. Then the furnace blower in the attic goes out. So the a/c creates cool air, it just can’t circulate through the house.

Friday – The furnace blower is replaced. The a/c works again! Mom departs for her vacation with the visiting family. Grandma has a follow-up appt with her primary care physician after the ER visit. I discover how close she actually came to bleeding to death that night.

Saturday – Sister calls. The ceiling in the living room is leaking. The a/c goes off. Repair man is called again. He isn’t able to make it out that day. I lay around the house slightly in-shock and exhausted, trying to recover from everything that happened that week, and hoping (desperately praying) that nothing else goes wrong.

Sunday – Hubby climbs up in the attic and discovers the source of the water – the pipe that drains the condensation off from the a/c came loose. He fixes it.

Between all of that, my sister ended up sleeping at my house most of the week because of the a/c problems, and I managed to prevent any of my chickens from succumbing to the heat (hurrah!), and I stayed caught up with the dishes (MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT HERE!). What I did fall behind on was Camp NaNo…

July #WriteMotivation Goals:

1. Crit Cloudy for Eris.

Hoping to start this today or tomorrow. Since it’s not anywhere near as long as TSB was, I should be able to knock this out pretty quickly.

2. Catalyst re-write for Camp NaNo.

I haven’t touched Catalyst in four days. But I did make some progress while family was here visiting.

3. Read A Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.

207 pages in… only 700 more to go!

4. Survive the uncle & family coming to visit, and MOM GOING OUT OF TOWN FOR A WEEK. The goal is literally DO NOT DIE OR HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.

In progress.

I never want to have a week/month like this one again.

Just FYI.