Important Announcement for All My Readers and Followers

Hey everyone!

It is after much thought (and prayer, and frustration) that I must announce I am taking a brief blogging hiatus, until late September-ish.

I will still be continuing working toward my #WriteMotivation goals for this month, and will attempt to post my achievements on those at the end of the August.

I will also still be reading and commenting on blogs.

I will still be doing my posts at Fictional Ferrets.

I just don’t have the energy to come up with anything at all to say on this blog, currently, with everything going on with my family right now. I need to focus on those situations for a short time, and start taking steps to implement some safe havens for myself in case circumstances get… hairy.

I’m also putting some thought into the direction I’m supposed to take as a blogger/author – the only thing I do know for sure is that I am a fantasy writer, and I always will be, so don’t freak out about that!

But I’ve found myself more and more unsatisfied with the direction this blog has gone in the past year, so obviously something needs to change.

I’m also going to ask a favor – if you read my blog regularly, and/or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, even if it’s casually or you’re a die-hard fan of me (do any die-hard fans of me exist, lol?), I would love for you to be a part of figuring out this next phase in my writing platform. I’ve started a newsletter list for this purpose – and rest assured that I will not be frequently emailing you questions. I anticipate no more than 3-4 newsletters sent out between now and my ‘return’.

You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Thank you, all! Can’t wait to see what the next step of this journey might bring…