About Rebekah

Spring 2013 Author Pic 2Rebekah is currently an urban farmer working (very) part-time as a file-clerk, with dreams of being a published author as well. She has been writing since she was a young child, but never seriously considered it as a career until after graduating high school.

She is a writer who is a Christian, but does not consider herself an exclusively Christian writer. Much of her writing will have religious undertones, but her goal is to enlighten, not preach, and reach those who would never venture into Christian fiction at a library or bookstore.

Rebekah prefers to write fantasy, but will dip her toe into any genre when it comes to short stories.

Beyond playing with fiction, her writing experience includes being a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month (as well as participating in the event), freelance writing for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, and former (long-dead) blogs from days gone by (think highschool era).

Currently, she also blogs as one of six contributors at Fictional Ferrets.

She is a member of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc, and Oklahoma Women Bloggers.

Rebekah lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, two cats, and six chickens.