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Z for Zoology – #atozchallenge

There’s one thing I love about fantasy as much as I love actually writing fantasy. World-building. It’s addicting.  Writers have the power to create anything. It’s one thing to create a world, cultures, plants,… Continue reading

Y for Youth, the Fountain Of

I’ll be honest, guys, this is one post I don’t have pre-written.  Along with Z. See, life has taken some amazing twists and turns this month, and I thought I was going to… Continue reading

X for ‘X’ Marks the Spot – #atozchallenge

Okay, yes, this really was the only thing I could think of for X! There’s lots of scientific things for X . . . fantasy, not so much. X marks the spot makes… Continue reading

W for Weapons – #atozchallenge

There are two types of writers who focus on weapons the most – fantasy writers, and historical writers.  At least, in my opinion :D.  I could be wrong. Many fantasy stories are set… Continue reading

V for Virgins – #atozchallenge

I thought virgins would be appropriate after the unicorn post yesterday, don’t you agree? The picture above is from a story in the Bible about a man named Jepthah.  He was a judge of… Continue reading

U for Unicorn – #atozchallenge

Unicorns. The fabled horse-like creatures with a single horn protruding from their heads.  They represent purity, virginity, etc. Who knows where these things originated?  Was it the rhinocerous? The narwhal? The drunken delusions… Continue reading

T for Temptation – #atozchallenge

Temptation is another theme that is as old as sacrifice. I like to think that it dates back to the Garden of Eden, the same way that sacrifice could. There is no true… Continue reading

S for Sacrifice – #atozchallenge

Sacrifice is one of the most used themes in fantasy writing.  Most fantasy novels I’ve read, and much of what I’ve written, play with the theme of sacrifice. Just think – Aslan dying… Continue reading

R for Revenge – #atozchallenge

Ah, revenge. It’s made many good stories, hasn’t it?  Someone wants revenge for a lovers death/a family member’s death/anything they might have found remotely offensive.  Sometimes it just gets ridiculous. To be completely… Continue reading

Q for Queens – #atozchallenge

Powerful Women for Powerful Stories I will probably go on and on for this post. The moment I settled on my ‘fantasy writing’ theme for the A-Z Challenge, I knew exactly what I… Continue reading

P for Parable – #atozchallenge

Parables are stories used to convey spiritual and/or moral concepts that may not be within the grasp of the listener/reader (my own definition). I think I’m very familiar with parables, personally, because I… Continue reading

O for Oath – #atozchallenge

What is our fascination with the taking of an oath, especially within fantasy fiction? Is it our remembrance of the oaths, vows, and covenants of our ancestors?  Or is it our desperation for… Continue reading

N for Necromancy – #atozchallenge

Whenever a character in a story mentions ‘the necromancer’, you know things are about to get serious. What is necromancy? (just in case some of you don’t know) According to, it is:… Continue reading

M for Magic – #atozchallenge

Magic is what differentiates fantasy from science fiction. Fantasy is all about what isn’t possible, science fiction is all about what might be possible. Most of the time (but not all), there is… Continue reading

L for Love – #atozchallenge

Love. It makes us do the most sensible things, and the most crazy things, sometimes at the same time.  So many stories in our history have revolved around the subject of love, and… Continue reading

K for Killing – #atozchallenge

Ah, killing. Have you all met my friend Lissa at Quid for Quill yet?  If not, go poke around her blog.  She’s awesome. Well, Lissa and I know each other in real life… Continue reading

J for Jealousy – #atozchallenge

So many stories revolve around jealousy. Lord of the Rings is filled with jealousy.  The whole vicious cycle starts when Smeagol becomes jealous of Deagol after they find the One Ring.  Eventually, the… Continue reading

I for Ill-fated – #atozchallenge

Ill-fated, doomed, destined for misfortune. These fates make for such wonderful characters. It’s terrible to say, but it’s true.  And most of my main characters seem to be ill-fated. There’s Sachi, of course,… Continue reading

H for Heroes – #atozchallenge

The world is full of heroes. In the Bible, there’s Samson, Gideon, King David, and many more. In ancient mythology, there’s Odysseus, Beowulf, and King Arthur.  In more modern times, there’s Aragorn, Gandalf,… Continue reading

G for Gods – #atozchallenge

Just stop and think for a moment on this question – how many popular entertainment icons can you think of, right off the bat, that involve mythological gods? I can think of at… Continue reading

F for Fantasy – #atozchallenge

Fantasy is such a versatile genre – anything is possible. However, just because anything is possible doesn’t mean it should be possible. Fantasy is all about making the fantastical believable.  To do that,… Continue reading