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Ozark Creative Writers Conference, 2012

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Ozark Creative Writers Conference for the second time.  At the conference last year was where the “Rabid Rainbow Ferrets” were born (there will be… Continue reading

Story Weavers 2012 – Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc Conference

Last weekend, I went to a writing conference. It was fabulous. I met many amazing people. Like KT Hanna (#writemotivation goddess extraordinaire), Heather Cashman, Seti, Natasha Hanova, Sabrina Fish . . . all… Continue reading

OWFI, here we come!

This weekend, I get to spend an two amazing days with fellow writers, dear friends, and new friends! So, as I go insane getting ready to head out of town, I hope the… Continue reading

Friday Findings – Misc. Treasures

Hi everyone! I’m so very excited because I have a few local offerings for Friday Findings this morning! First up, the Ozark Creative Writers conference was the first writing conference I attended.  This… Continue reading

Ozark Creative Writers Conference Wrap-Up

It was an amazing weekend!  I’ll just start at the beginning, though I’m not going to go into detail about the workshops, etc. yet. We left town on Thursday, had a beautiful, leisurely… Continue reading

Greetings from Eureka Springs . . .

Sort of. The truth is that I’m actually writing this post on Monday, because I know I won’t have time to on Friday. When this post goes live, I’ll be sitting in a… Continue reading

Muse Online Writers Conference and a crazy week ahead . . .

So I signed up at pretty much the last minute for the Muse Online Writers Conference last weekend.  Everything gets started today, and I went through the list of workshops yesterday to decide… Continue reading

Science Fiction, Monsters, and All Hallow’s Eve

I apologize for my lack of posting last week, fall cleaning took priority.  I have cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and most of the rest of the house, rearranged the furniture,… Continue reading

Entering Contests: Why is it so nerve-wracking?

If anyone of you know me on facebook, or follow me on twitter, or simply read the twitter feed in the sidebar, you know that I have been writing and editing like crazy… Continue reading

July Camp NaNo: Eaten Alive

The July edition of Camp NaNoWriMo was complete and utter chaos for me. I barely broke 16,000 words.  Of course, that is 16,000 more words than I had before, and I do have… Continue reading

Ozark Creative Writers Conference

About a month ago, my friend Mrs. C (of The Nanowrimo Quest) texted me that she had found a writing conference that was affordable with our budgets.  We both are married, and our… Continue reading