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A Reminder for Readers

This is just a friend reminder that I have switched blogs. (I totally almost mis-typed that as ‘bog’. Do with that info what you will.) If you’ve been missing me in your inbox or RSS… Continue reading

Starting Fresh

Those of you who signed up for my newsletter a while back already know this news, but now it’s time to make it official (and public)! As of today, I will no longer… Continue reading

Wrapping Up August (#WriteMotivation, etc.)

Breaking my hiatus for a bit of an update, because there’s been a lot going on. First, I have a (rather timely scheduled) post up at the RRFS blog – Overcoming Writing Obstacles:… Continue reading

Snapshots Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone! Sorry, I meant to get this post up yesterday, but the weekend ended up being a doozy. I’ll have my July #WriteMotivation post up sometime tomorrow! But I had a giveaway… Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Nether Fire by Bonnie Rae

What’s this? A Wednesday post? This is a rare treasure you’re observing today :P. And it’s not just the Wednesday post. Because today I’m privileged to get to reveal the cover of Bonnie… Continue reading

Just a quick update…

My dad came through surgery fine, and was doing well last I heard early this morning.

Prayers Needed

My father has been on a heart transplant list for several months now. Today, he received ‘the call’, and is on his way to Oklahoma City. There have been many disagreements within the… Continue reading

Uprising by Jessica Therrien – Virtual Release Party!

I am very pleased to announce that my friend, Jessica Therrien, is releasing her second book today! You may remember that last year I reviewed, Oppression, the first book in her Children of the Gods… Continue reading

Help & Support for Moore, Oklahoma (Especially if you’re IN Oklahoma)

You are absolutely welcome to skip down past this to the links. I just know some of my (regular) readers will want to know what was happening yesterday. Yesterday was … an adventure.… Continue reading

A few changes (and new things) coming up…

Hi everyone! I’ve got a few announcements to make here, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the most obvious one – a new blog theme!

May #WriteMotivation is right around the corner!

Okay, two things first before getting to the “real” post: 1st – Go help me with my pitches for Catalyst! That post is here. 2nd – I’ve been featured over at The Kelworth… Continue reading

Ponderings on Poetry and Power Cords

The Slow Cooker: A Writer’s Best Friend Blog Hop

Hi everyone! You ready for a fantastic blog hop today? We’re a small group, but I think that’s all the better, because it means we won’t lose our entire Saturday to it ;).… Continue reading

Through the Bible in a Year – Genesis Update

Okay, I said there was going to be a video today. Well, things came up yesterday, and I haven’t been able to record it yet. I probably won’t be able to record it… Continue reading

Reading Through the Bible: Genesis Questions?

Alrighty all you peoples! (Because I know there are sooooo many of you reading through the Bible with me this year :P.) If you’re on track with the schedule, then we have/will finish… Continue reading

The Joys of *insert any activity here* (Writing/Editing, Urban Farming, Blogging . . . )

Hi everyone! I thought I would pop by and let you all know that I am still alive! First up, I have been editing almost NON-STOP on Catalyst. (OMG I almost despise my… Continue reading

Death Note – An Anime Review

This post now available here:

My Goals and Aspirations for 2012 – The Recap

I can’t believe 2012 is almost OVER. I really can’t. So much has happened this year, and sadly it seems that so little of it has been writing-related. My personal/family life has exploded… Continue reading

Dr. Susan Swartwout on Book Contracts

This is one of my compilation of notes from a workshop I attended at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference back in October.  This particular workshop was well worth the fee to the conference.… Continue reading

In Which I Reveal My Secret Obsession – Anime & Manga!

Well, I had originally planned to make this post a review of the manga Fullmetal Alchemist (which believe me will still be coming, just some other things to do first). Well, then I figured… Continue reading

“And You Are . . .?” Bloghop Day!

Hi everyone! I’m excited for this blog-hop today, hoping to meet some new people! This bloghop is courtesy of Tammy Theriault and Emily R. King, thank you so much ladies for putting this… Continue reading