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Blood of Trees by Rebekah Loper – Curiosity Quills Contest

Not too long ago, I came across a contest that I decided I had to enter.  This contest is in celebration of the release of the book Wilde’s Fire by Krystal Wade.  Besides… Continue reading

Quick Poll – Help me decide a title!

If you want to read more about this story, you can find it here.  For reference: this is a fantasy story with romantic elements, and it will be upper-YA/New Adult genre.

#WriteMotivation – Busy Start to May

Well, you all know that this past weekend was the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc annual conference, and I was able to go and meet some amazing, wonderful people (several of you from #writemotivation,… Continue reading

It’s time for #writemotivation again!

April is OVER! Where did it go? It went to the A-Z Challenge, which I managed to complete.  Sadly, I did not manage to keep visiting new blogs each day of the challenge.… Continue reading

H for Heroes – #atozchallenge

The world is full of heroes. In the Bible, there’s Samson, Gideon, King David, and many more. In ancient mythology, there’s Odysseus, Beowulf, and King Arthur.  In more modern times, there’s Aragorn, Gandalf,… Continue reading

B for Blood – #atozchallenge

The Bible says that the life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 16:11), and that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins (Hebrews 9:22). Cultures around the… Continue reading

Thursday Tales – Lucky Seven (Not Taphim’s wife, sorry!)

Okay, everyone, that’s the last time I promise a blog post that I haven’t written yet.  I really meant to have something about Taphim’s wife ready, cause she’s been talking to me all… Continue reading

My Goals and Aspirations for 2012

I hate the word ‘resolution’, because I am not someone who resolves easily.  I like ‘goals’ much better, because then if something happens where I truly can’t complete something, it’s not a failure.… Continue reading

Do you create, or do you listen?

Lissa(Mrs. C) and I had a conversation a while back . . . (warning: you are about to have a glimpse into the minds of two writers who may or may not be… Continue reading

My Writing Trivia – Prize: $10 Gift Card

It’s test time!  Okay, not really . .  but I couldn’t resist!  Once again, just a reminder that you must be a subscriber to my blog to be eligible to win the gift… Continue reading

My Writing: Weeping Willow

In my ‘Breaking Down Categories‘ post, I mentioned the three main stories I have been working on for some time (and am supposed to be currently working on >_<, in between preparing for… Continue reading

What Songs Haunt You?

Have you ever watched a movie and there’s been a sound on the soundtrack that just sticks with you?  Or been listening to say, Pandora, and found a song that goes along perfectly… Continue reading

Stuck in a rut on the way to Camp NaNo

Ever had a week where it’s been almost impossible to write, no matter how hard you try? It’s not that you don’t want to write, it’s just that things keep coming up that… Continue reading