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Important Announcement for All My Readers and Followers

Hey everyone! It is after much thought (and prayer, and frustration) that I must announce I am taking a brief blogging hiatus, until late September-ish. I will still be continuing working toward my… Continue reading

From July to August – #WriteMotivation and Misc.

Yeah, I thought when July was over there might be some hope of family things calming down. Nope, not at all. I’m not at liberty to go into EVERYTHING right now, but my… Continue reading

Book Review: Write a Great Synopsis by Nicola Morgan

This post is now available here:

Camp NaNo & #WriteMotivation – Finishing up June, and on to July! (And a mid-year look at yearly goals.)

How the frick is it already July? Camp NaNo starts today, and I’m not ready. *twitchflail* I’m gonna do a few things on this blog post today. It’s gonna be a long one,… Continue reading

May #WriteMotivation Wrap-Up, and on to June!

Holy wow, May flew by fast. I’m 28 now, ya’ll. Yesterday was my birthday. The past few days have also brought about a few changes that affected my goals for the month of… Continue reading

May #WriteMotivation – How is it almost over?

The Future of Fanfiction

If you haven’t heard, Amazon released their new … something… today. Kindle Worlds. Basically, Amazon has obtained (and is in the process of obtaining more) licenses to certain works for the sole purpose… Continue reading

Help & Support for Moore, Oklahoma (Especially if you’re IN Oklahoma)

You are absolutely welcome to skip down past this to the links. I just know some of my (regular) readers will want to know what was happening yesterday. Yesterday was … an adventure.… Continue reading

May #WriteMotivation – Where is the month going?

Interview at The Writing Nut

Hi peoples! Yeah, I know I hardly EVER post on Wednesdays, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve been interviewed for the The Writing Nut for the weekly “Wednesday Writer’s Workspace”… Continue reading

May #WriteMotivation – Catalyst is COMPLETE!

May #WriteMotivation & OWFI – What a weekend!

Oh wow, what a crazy past few days it’s been! Where should I start?

#WriteMotivation – Of . . . Ugh

3 Reasons to Quit Triberr

This is a decision that I’ve honestly been thinking about for a while. Even when I first joined Triberr, I really did it as an experiment to see if it would pay off… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation – Of Complications

#WriteMotivation – Of Stories and Dead Power Cords

#WriteMotivation – Of Alphabets and Gardens

Last day to sign up for the Slow Cooker Blog Hop!

It’s BACK! #WriteMotivation – March 2013

Guest Post Announcement!

Today, I have a guest post up over at Oklahoma Women Bloggers! Go check it out (click the logo below)!  

Announcing “The Slow Cooker: A Writer’s Best Friend” Blog Hop!

So a while back, I had this idea. I don’t remember where the idea came from (but it was probably NaNo season), and my thoughts were something like: I love my slow cooker.… Continue reading