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A few changes (and new things) coming up…

Hi everyone! I’ve got a few announcements to make here, and I’m sure you’ve noticed the most obvious one – a new blog theme!

What’s coming up in February!

First off, if you haven’t voted for my novel, Catalyst, in the 2013 NaNo Virtuosos contest, go do it! For more info, please visit this post. Secondly, there’s a few things that I’m… Continue reading

My Goals and Aspirations for 2012 – The Recap

I can’t believe 2012 is almost OVER. I really can’t. So much has happened this year, and sadly it seems that so little of it has been writing-related. My personal/family life has exploded… Continue reading

300 posts, you say? Let’s celebrate! Who likes cookies and scones?

300 posts. I certainly hoped that I would get here one day, but it’s one of those goals that’s surreal until you actually reach it, and then it’s even MORE surreal. And it’s… Continue reading

It’s time for NaNo Virtuosos!

Guess what?! I was able to get my novel in for the NaNo Virtuosos contest! This contest is hosted by Curiosity Quills, and the winner of all three rounds will be offered a… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation Goal-Check Month, yay!

Okay, first up, I remembered that I need to announce the winner from my drawing for “Welcome to the Shit Show”! And that person is . . . Angela Brown! Angela, I’m emailing… Continue reading

DAC 2012 – Review of Halflings by Heather Burch

Hey everyone!  I am so pleased to bring you my first review in participation with the 2012 Debut Author Challenge!  If you haven’t heard of this or signed up for yet, just click… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #writemotivation, and it’s almost MARCH?

Hey everyone!  It’s been a couple of weeks since my last goal check-in, since I had the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy blog tour. The next round of #WriteMotivation is getting ready to… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #WriteMotivation update

It’s Monday again! (HOW?!)  I’ll announce the winner of Saturday’s The Forever Girl giveaway at the end of this post :). I’m starting a part-time job today. When this goes live, I’ll be on… Continue reading

Friday Findings – Blogfests & Tours Galore!

Welcome to my second installment of Friday Findings!  I promise, I won’t give a count every week, just while it’s still new :). We’ve got a lot on the plate today, with something… Continue reading

Motivation Monday – #WriteMotivation & #WriteCampaign & an award!

Happy Monday everyone!  Please don’t throw moldy tomatoes at me . . . I actually look forward to Monday’s, because it means hubby goes pack to work and I get the house to… Continue reading

My Blogroll: Who I Read & Why, Pt 1

I updated my blogroll last night.  It was long overdue. I feel like I have so many treasures on there, though, that I’m going to occasionally devote a post just to my blogroll,… Continue reading

Love, Dreams, and Reality

It has been an interesting, but good, week. My husband got the job we’ve been praying for the last two years. We weren’t praying for a specific job, but rather for an entry-level… Continue reading