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Seraphina – a Debut Author Challenge Review

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Debut Author Challenge book review! As per usual: I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher through the DAC ARC Tour in exchange for… Continue reading

X for ‘X’ Marks the Spot – #atozchallenge

Okay, yes, this really was the only thing I could think of for X! There’s lots of scientific things for X . . . fantasy, not so much. X marks the spot makes… Continue reading

V for Virgins – #atozchallenge

I thought virgins would be appropriate after the unicorn post yesterday, don’t you agree? The picture above is from a story in the Bible about a man named Jepthah.  He was a judge of… Continue reading

U for Unicorn – #atozchallenge

Unicorns. The fabled horse-like creatures with a single horn protruding from their heads.  They represent purity, virginity, etc. Who knows where these things originated?  Was it the rhinocerous? The narwhal? The drunken delusions… Continue reading