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May #WriteMotivation – Where is the month going?

May #WriteMotivation – Catalyst is COMPLETE!

May #WriteMotivation & OWFI – What a weekend!

Oh wow, what a crazy past few days it’s been! Where should I start?

May #WriteMotivation is right around the corner!

Okay, two things first before getting to the “real” post: 1st – Go help me with my pitches for Catalyst! That post is here. 2nd – I’ve been featured over at The Kelworth… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Quit Triberr

This is a decision that I’ve honestly been thinking about for a while. Even when I first joined Triberr, I really did it as an experiment to see if it would pay off… Continue reading

Book Review: A Writer’s Bucket List by Dana Sitar

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review. Please click the graphic to the left to visit the Goodreads page for A Writer’s Bucket List.… Continue reading

The Super-Top-Secret-Project Debuts! Introducing #WriteMeHealthy

Hi everyone! I’m taking a break from all the moving craziness to get the Super-Top-Secret-Project rolling! I’ve been brainstorming this thing for a while. See, once upon a time, I lived a very… Continue reading

Saturday Sundries – Look at what I did! (and my first writing nightmare O.O)

So, I’ve been playing around with the blog a lot lately, but I’ll go into that in a bit. First, I’m going to tell you about my nightmare. Boy, was it a nightmare.

#WriteMotivation Continues!

I feel like I’m finally getting a routine down around the house that’s going to stick.  If I can keep up with the housework, I can write without feeling guilty.  I’m even finding… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation & a Sucky Day

Okay, here’s the deal – if you read my devotional yesterday, you already know that everything failed miserably last week.  Except for family disasters.  We actually had none for an entire week. And… Continue reading

#WriteMotivation Begins!

Well, since I’ve been doing housework all day (thank you, hubby, for taking down the Christmas tree for me!), and I have somewhere to be in 23 minutes (only half a mile up… Continue reading

#Nightgale, #writemotivation, and Literary Heroes, oh my!

As I was catching up on reading blogs yesterday, I came across a couple of things that I’m going to participate in . . . First up is the #Nightgale blog challenge! This… Continue reading